Shaft Sinkers

The projects involved underground excavation work for gas pipelines (Russia) and hydroelectric schemes (India). The scope of work entailed packing all required equipment to achieve the abovementioned work. The projects are ongoing at present and have achieved the following:

Both projects were stripped, packed and shipped to their relevant destinations, India and Russia. Due to extreme weather & road conditions, the packing solution, timing and delivery of the packaged cargo to the clients schedule, was crucial.

ClientRussia & India Projects
ProjectShaft Sinkers

The Outsource Solution

  • Project duration – approx 8 weeks – work is ongoing
  • Crating and packing of equipment: total of 59 containers plus equipment and spares
  • Approximately 300 crates, pallets and skids
  • 30 Break Bulk Crates
  • Approximately 75’000 nails
  • 5750 man hours worked