Steve Hardman

Chief Operating Officer


Steve has gained his management experience through a career spanning 22 years with global packaging leaders in both the industrial and consumer packaging industries. A big believer in communication, leadership and the appropriate use of organizational skills to deliver results orientated high performance teams that deliver success to the organisation.

“Employing best business practices to improve efficiency, reduce operating costs and impact the bottom line directly drives success” says Steve who enjoys working with people at all levels within the organisation. Steve joined PackSolve in September 2018 accepting the position of General Manager of the PackSolve Packaging business. “It’s a great opportunity to join a growing South African business and I look forward to contributing to PackSolves continued success” says Steve “We have great ambition and plans to grow the business into the future ensuring PackSolve is around for a long time”

Career Experience

Van Leer Packaging
2001 – 2016
2016 – 2018
2018 – Present