Louis Wentzel

General Manager: PackSolve Drums


My career portfolio during the past 32 years has involved every aspect of being able to successfully manage a company from Scheduling a manufacturing facility up to and including Managing Director of an establishment for Sub Sahara Africa region. Throughout that career path the ultimate purpose has been to ensure growth and profitability and as a direct result improving Shareholder Value. This approach has during the years resulted in me progressing up the corporate ladder to the ultimate position of Sub Sahara Africa Business unit manager, the most senior position for Greif Industrial packaging within Africa. The value I bring to an organization with all my knowledge and experience is primary focused towards moving a company forward as a unit by increasing and sustaining shareholder value, from a current state into a more profitable future state. I have worked with business consultants McKinsey USA on an international bases with projects in North America and Australia with the sole purpose of creating future revenue growth and profitability within those regions. I also served on Greif International Corporate Leadership team for a period spanning 13 years with business Transformation as the key objective within the world wide group of companies.

Career Experience

1984 – 2001
2001 – 2017
2018 to present