Louis Wentzel - PackSolve CEO

Louis Wentzel

Chief Executive Officer


Louis joined the team as General Manager for PackSolve Drums in 2018 whereafter he was appointed as PackSolve Group CEO in 2019.

During his career, Louis has been involved with every aspect of the business, from successfully managing a company to scheduling a manufacturing facility up.

With more than 34 years industry experience, he is focused on improving shareholder value by ensuring growth and profitability. This has enabled him to achieve many victories as Managing Director and Sub-Saharan Business Unit Manager of Greif Industrial Packaging. During his time at Greif, he also served on the International Corporate Leadership team for 13 years with business Transformation as the key objective within the worldwide group of companies. He has successfully worked on international projects within North America and Australia alongside business consultants McKinsey USA, ensuring future revenue growth and profitability.

Louis adds a considerable amount of value to the organization with his key focus of driving the company forward and maintaining sustainable growth. By focusing on enabling the organization to move from a current state into a more profitable future state, he moves the PackSolve team and its shareholders forward.

Career Experience

1984 – 2001
2001 – 2017
2018 to present