ISPM15 Accredited

Wood originating from living or dead trees may be infested by pests. Wood packaging material is frequently made of raw wood that may not have undergone sufficient processing or treatment to remove or kill pests and therefore remains a pathway for the introduction and spread of quarantine pests. Dunnage has been shown to present a...
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ISO 9001 & 45001 ACCREDITED

We are fully accredited for ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 ensuring that we reduce your companies risks and promote occupational health and safety forming a fundamental part of our company’s risk management strategy.  This protects our workforce and others under our control, ensures we comply with legal requirements and facilitates continual improvement giving our clients...
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How proactive safety creates a unified company

The proactive safety approach focuses on leading indicators, such as accidents avoided and numbers of inspections completed. It’s about preventing accidents by finding close calls.”
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PackSolve Academy

Packsolve has made skills development one of its strategic pillars and launched the Packsolve Academy for all employees to take part in various training initiatives.
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PackSolve Partnerships

Bridging the gender gap in engineering

Meet Yvette Mabelane, PackSolve’s Industrial Engineer who is transforming the industrial packaging leaders’ operations.
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