PackSolve Packaging

PackSolve Packaging

PackSolve Packaging (Pty) Ltd is the leading industrial packaging solutions provider in Southern Africa, we service the manufacturing, power generation, steel processing and freight & logistics sectors.

Our products and services include;

  • A range of crating and shrink-wrapping solutions with no limits to size or mass.
  • We provide packaging materials,
  • Onsite packing solutions,
  • Securing of cargo in shipping containers
  • As well corrosion protection solutions.

We continue to develop new and improved products and solutions through our R&D division helping to improve the packaging standards in South Africa. Our main aim is to be the service provider of choice, by delivering innovative packaging solutions which protect our clients’ products & interests, while delivering sustainable benefits to our stakeholders.








  • Timber products – crates, pallets, skids, cradles and custom timber & steel products
  • Wrapping products – Power Shrink, Corrosion intercept, foil bags, plastic wraps. Protecting cargo from corrosion whilst in transit.
  • Transit monitoring – Shock & tilt watch used to monitor if cargo has taken an impact or been tilted past 30 degrees. This highlights bad handling.
  • Packaging materials – plastics, boxes, foams, polystyrene


  • Strapping & securing solutions – loading of cargo into containers & securing them. Securing of cargo onto pallet bases & inside crates
  • Onsite Solutions – 5 x roaming teams for adhoc packing, permanent & semi permanent onsite packing solutions.
  • R&D – building of solutions for clients where there is a need for improvement or a requirement for something completely new


ISPM No. 15 (International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures No. 15) is a standard developed and adapted by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and its member countries which serves as a guideline for regulating wood packaging material in the international trade.