ISPM15 Accredited

Wood originating from living or dead trees may be infested by pests. Wood packaging material is frequently made of raw wood that may not have undergone sufficient processing or treatment to remove or kill pests and therefore remains a pathway for the introduction and spread of quarantine pests. Dunnage has been shown to present a high risk of introduction and spread of quarantine pests.

Regulating this material would reduce the risk of introduction and spread of most quarantine pests that may be associated with wood packaging material.

All our wood @PackSolve is heat-treated and certified for export purposes.
There are 2 approved ISMP-15 Treatments for wooden packaging:

1) HT: Heat treatment using conventional steam or dry kiln heat chamber, when using conventional heat chamber technology, the fundamental requirement is to achieve a minimum temperature of 56 °C for a minimum duration of 30 continuous minutes throughout the entire profile of the wood (including its core). This temperature can be measured by inserting temperature sensors in the core of the wood.

2) MB: The fumigation of wood packaging material with methyl bromide must be in accordance with a schedule specified or approved by the NPPO that achieves the minimum concentration-time product (CT) over 24 hours at the temperature and final residual concentration specified. The minimum temperature of the wood and its surrounding atmosphere must not be less than 10°C and the minimum exposure time must not be less than 24 hours. Monitoring of gas concentrations must be carried out at a minimum at 2, 4 and 24 hours from the beginning of the treatment.
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