Project: Industex
Client: SRF Limited, Chennai India
Location: Port Elizabeth

Completed in conjunction with one of South Africa’s foremost rigging companies, the Industex project involved the complete relocation of a manufacturing plant from Port Elizabeth to India, including the building itself. Key elements included crating and packaging of manufacturing equipment, building structural elements and spares.

The Outsource Solution

  • The building, the equivalent of 8 storeys, measured 35m long, 40m high, and 15m wide required dismantling and packing for a long-haul destination (India)
  • Everything contained in the plant was packed into custom-made cargo containers for long-haul shipping
  • The Outsource working team consisted of 13 members based on-site, 12hrs a day, 7 days a week, for an eleven-week period
  • A total of 12 000 man hours were spent on the project
  • Over 55kms of running timber used
  • 550 crates pallets and skids were used
  • A total of 115, 40ft containers were packed in 11 weeks

Client Feedback
“I was delighted to see the kind of infrastructure and well trained resources of Outsource Packaging, which helped in the timely completion of the project. It was an amazing experience working with the Outsource Packaging Team.”

Mr Harish Gangadharan – Project Manager, SRF Limited

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