How We Work




PackSolve prides itself on developing long-term relationships with key suppliers and partners.



PackSolve uses a combination of various materials to develop fully comprehensive solutions for its client base. Throughout our range of materials on offer PackSolve utilises the most advanced materials in those fields. These include timber, plastic, steel, paper, strapping.

PackSolve provides the most advanced solutions for corrosion protection with a range of solutions from corrosion intercept technology to VCI corrosive inhibitors.

Human Capital Development

Human Capital Development

  • PackSolve is committed to skills development and to employment equity
  • Human Capital Development – PackSolve is dedicated to employing new staff who are focused in human capital development.


  • PAPER, STEEL, PLASTIC – we have recycling solutions in place through our ISO management systems
  • IMBER – Is a sustainable resource, Regulated through DAFF – Department of Agriculture Forestry & Fisheries

ISO Accreditations

PackSolve is firmly dedicated to conserving the environment in a responsible manner. It is committed to the wellbeing of its staff as well as managing with a systematic approach. ISO accreditation across ISO 9000 and 14000 as well as OHSAS 18000, is paramount to the success of our business as well as our clients, ensuring the delivery of a quality product and service. PackSolve – Outsource Packaging is currently fully certified across all three standards until 2016 – with a management action plan in place for the entire group to attain accreditation buy 2017.




Research and Development

PackSolve’s research and development initiatives follows the following process:

    With international manufacturers, packaging specialists and competitors
    With technical teams, suppliers and industry leaders
    In protection, aesthetics, and cost effectiveness
    This is considered throughout the R and D process